Do you want to win, and win fast? It can be done, but you need the right mental technology to work with.

Lets upgrade the silly vagueness of success directives with a tangible directive. Something you can use today, tomorrow, and always. These guidelines are the starting seeds of all progress. Together it is cooking with fire or flying with rockets. The certainty of these rules is not to be philosophized on but felt through PRACTICAL USE. If you want to dwell on the petty particulars forget it and go join a university babble semester.

Lets begin.

1. Clear conception

Knowing what you want is half the battle, this is the root of your success tree. The more vivid and exact you can establish your desires the more efficient you’re mental efforts will be towards the aim. DECIDE what you want. Your monthly profits, how to attain them, what kind of physique to dwell in, what lovely lady you want to adore you, where to live, how much freedom you want. These are EXCELLENT and SIMPLE starting points, make them as clear as possible, write it down, hypnotize yourself, etch these ideas so deep they have melted and become one with your mind, they are your mental blueprints, they are you. Future articles will continue on how to go about imprinting them.

2. Positive attitude

In order to allow the rivers of creativity to flow you must be positive, it’s been repeated 100x but the practical significance cannot be understated. Positive attitude draws people, opportunities, ideas, health and success to you. Your positive attitude is a calm, self assurance and inner conviction. Taking on a positive attitude will untangle your nerves and allow a deep relaxation which is crucial to conduct the business of success. The wrecks of life are tense, agitated, impatient and unsuccessful. The successful are calm and collected, AKA positive thinkers, REMEMBER THIS DISTINCTION.

3. Constructive thinking

Once you have set your conceptions, all your thoughts must be towards their realization. The objective is clear, the means are your thoughts, you must always be thinking of how to establish this synchronization of your inner reality (desires) and it’s manifestation (their expression). Every day you can use your thoughts to move closer and closer to your goals, whether by hops or bounds, every day will bring you towards your destination.

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.
-Alexander The Great