This man does pullups

Pull ups, pushups, dips, squats, leg raises, commandos, are all amazing exercises and develop a balanced strong physique, this article is going to show you why these exercises are among the royalty of resistance training.

1. They can be done anywhere. A tree, park, door frame and numerous other structures work as a bar for the back and ab hanging exercises that can be performed and the amazing counterpart the floor for the others.

2. They activate greater overall tension or mind muscle connection (bodily awareness). It’s been investigated by exercise lab-coats that any exercise that requires the whole body to move in space rather then have it static while simply moving peripheral joints, will lead to more muscle recruitment and firing of neurons, hence greater gains. Whenever you do pushups/pull ups/ squats you are using every muscle in your body to a greater or lesser extent, allowing the development of a superior mind muscle connection.

3. They are the cheapest exercises to do unlike the DB/BB exercises which require paying for a gym membership, these can be done for free at any time.

4. They have countless creative ways to adjust, load and progress on, including adding mass to your body. Pull ups can evolve into muscles ups or finger pull ups, pushups can become diamond pushups, squats can become pistol squats, the number of ways to enhance the challenge are endless only limited by your creativity.

5. They improve on the natural bio-mechanics of the body. With body-weight movements you are working your co-ordination as well and the body as one total machine. They are very good to correct any misalignment in your muscle strength as your whole body coordinates for the lift.

6. They can be done everyday with speedy recovery once you are proficient, this will build up a high amount of total volume and overall time spent training, translation: you physique will become better faster. If one day you feel sluggish simply do less reps per set, still get your workout in but modify it accordingly to the energy of the moment.

7. You will become more athletic. These exercises will better challenge not only your strength but balance, endurance and power using varying speeds/modifications. Gymnasts are notorious for being good across the board athletes.

8. They are safer to execute and once done to a high degree protect your body from injury as they will strengthen even the smallest of muscles that are usually neglected in conventional gyms, there is a low chance to tweak yourself should your form go sour.

9. They develop a practical or functional strength, firstly by allowing you to move your body easily in many ways and secondly by developing awesome core stability for general labors/lifts.

10. They are supremely fun and cause wicked pumps. Although this one is subjective, these exercises are the most pleasant and enjoyable for myself, even when I have a gym membership available I will either start my workout with them as the main lifts or as warmup exercises as a primer. The pumps are extra good since in these exercises numerous muscles are worked at once so most of your body gets a good rush of blood while the targeted muscles pump is going as well.

11. They look badass, there is something deeply natural and aesthetic in a person who can control and move their body masterfully, as nature intended.

Hopefully this article has put a new appreciation for body weight training in you, check back soon for my favorite BW exercise setups that make a diamond V-taper.